Our history

Founded in 1996 and based in Geneva, Laboratoires Diepharmex is a European leader in ear hygiene, thanks to its Audispray range. After more than 15 years of success and significant international development, the company extended its portfolio of pharmaceutical specialties with the Micro H brand in 2016, an over-the-counter product range, as well as other prescription-only products.


A tradition in the pharmaceutical industry

The family’s pharmaceutical tradition goes back to Laboratoires Adrian , bought by Lucien Nouvel after the war. Since 1848, Laboratoires Adrian had been a French chemical products company, and it was only in 1950, under Lucien Nouvel’s management, that the company changed into a Pharmaceutical Laboratory with, amongst other things, the marketing of bismuth in the form of a medicinal product.


Purchase of Laboratoires Adrian and development of Laboratoires Doms-Adrian

After selling Laboratoires Adrian to the Rhône-Poulenc group, Lucien Nouvel created Laboratoires Doms. His daughter, Colette Nouvel-Rousselot, took over their management in 1975. The acquisition of Laboratoires Adrian from Rhone Poulenc resulted in the birth of Laboratoires Doms Adrian, which, until 1998, was ranked as one of the leading medium-sized French laboratories.


Birth of Laboratoires Diepharmex and Audispray

After selling Laboratoires Doms-Adrian to the Italian group Recordati, Colette Nouvel-Rousselot launched Laboratoires Diepharmex in order to market a new patented ear hygiene product: Audispray. The product was marketed for the first time in France in November 1995.


The Audispray range grows...

Laboratoires Diepharmex extended their ear care range by adding the formulations for babies and children (Audibaby and Audispray Junior).


Launch of Audilyse

Drawing on its extensive experience as European leader in ear hygiene, Laboratoires Diepharmex developed a new curative product to dissolve obstructive ear wax plugs: Audilyse.


Laboratoires Diepharmex further extended their offering with the arrival of the Micro H range

On the French market, Laboratoires Diepharmex launched the first haemorrhoid treatment in the form of disposable doses: MICRO H Monodoses. For perfect local hygiene, a medicinal wipe completes the range: Micro H Wipes.


Purchase of Kenergon and Rhinocure

Laboratoires Diepharmex acquired the products Kenergon, a spray for treating premature ejaculation, and Rhinocure, a nasal decongestant spray.


Laboratoires Diepharmex and the Audispray range have entered a new stage in their development by joining Alpha HealthGroup (Cooper-Vemedia)

After the remarkable growth of Laboratoires Diepharmex’s business for more than 20 years in over twenty countries thanks to the Audispray range, one of the leaders in ear hygiene, the Rousselot family handed over ownership of Laboratoires Diepharmex to Alpha HealthGroup, the controlling company holding Cooper and Vemedia laboratories, two major European players in the OTC Consumer Healthcare market.