Micro H

The first single-dose treatment for haemorrhoids with Micro H Monodoses from Laboratoires Diepharmex.
Audispray, une gamme complète de produits pour éviter l'accumulation et détruire l'excès de cerumen

This range has medical device status, which means that it is a regulated health care product carrying the CE mark. Read the package leaflet. Ask your pharmacist for advice.

Micro H Monodoses

For an effective, modern treatment, without cortisone and without parabens, for haemorrhoid disorders: Micro H Monodoses, a combination of well-known substances, and presented in boxes of 10 disposable single doses.

Micro H Wipes

For perfect hygiene when you have haemorrhoid problems: Micro H Wipes, a biodegradable cleaning and soothing wipe, impregnated with active ingredients known for their efficacy.